TikTok Ads: How to Generate Leads

TikTok ads have introduced an innovative lead generation tool for companies that use the platform to advertise. This is an excellent development because it lets users meet their goals in marketing and engage with their customers far more effectively.

We all know that TikTok is extremely popular however, it’s growing into one of the primary platforms used by brands to reach out to their customers. The new feature is expected to further increase this by the monetization of TikTok’s user base in the future. Let’s examine the features TikTok leads generation is made up of, and the best way to begin making use of it.

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What Is TikTok Ads Lead Generation?

The Lead Generation feature is a fresh option that comes from TikTok advertisements that help businesses get in touch with their customers and improve conversions. It’s a first-party service that lets businesses provide information about items and products that could attract customers, and also get their contact information in just two taps.

It’s as simple as this:

When a user clicks on an action button located on the TikTok in-feed video advertisement, which creates an online form.

The form will load instantly. In reality, the average loading time of the lead form on TikTok is nine times more efficient than the third party site on TikTok.

The user has to fill in the required information. Autocomplete is enabled and the initial data will be automatically included to reduce the friction and boost conversions.

The user completes the form and becomes an eventual customer. Leads generated can be downloaded by hand or, in the event that they are integrated with the CRM of the company it is possible to initiate them right away for maximum effectiveness.

After filling in the form, the user will be sent to a thank-you page. It could be a similar page distinct from lead generation, or the redirect towards an application store, where users can downloading (optional).

For businesses using lead generation, TikTok’s solution has multiple benefits. Effectiveness: attractive ads draw prospective customers. The option to add autocomplete information speeds things up. This will ensure the highest conversion rate.

Customization: You can alter the advertisement’s content as well as the call-to-action button, as well as the instant form in order to gather the data you require from your clients. This lets you adapt the system to different kinds of business.

Leads are easy to process Leads can be downloaded by hand or integrated into the CRM system of the business. This allows you to immediately move into lead nurture and scoring system that move towards conversion.

How to Use Lead Generation on TikTok

Lead generation through TikTok is now accessible to brands, so should you wish to take advantage of all the benefits, take these actions:

Visit TikTok Ads Manager, click Campaign> Objective, and then select the goal “Lead Generation.”

Change the bidding strategy to the targeting of optimizing and segmenting. It is a good idea to bid according to CPL (cost per lead) or choose “leads” as an optimization objective and select billing by the oCPM. When it comes to choosing a target, there are several options to pick from, so pick the one that is most appropriate for the target audience you’re searching for.

Make your own customized instant form to meet your needs. Be aware that certain fields are automatically filled in Therefore, you should take the time to ask questions to assist you in assessing your prospects.

That’s all there is to it! The only thing left to do is manually export leads (you can export them for until 90 days to do so) or connect them to the TikTok API’s custom API, and then start activating them right away.

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Transparency and Privacy on TikTok

In this new launch, the social network sought to stress security and transparency which are two crucial aspects when it comes to collecting information from users.

So the tool for lead generation will show a privacy warning to users once they have submitted their personal information, informing them that information is being gathered to help the advertiser. The privacy policies of TikTok and the privacy policies of advertisers will be associated with the form.

Additionally, the personal information obtained through this lead-generation tool would be available to advertisers and the users can edit their data in the form or close from the page at any time during the process. In all of these ways, the data of users is secure and TikTok assures that it is in compliance with all privacy laws.

Success Story: Nina Ricci

Even though it’s new it has already seen some successful examples of lead generation using TikTok. This site TikTok for Business shared the instance of Nina Ricci, who tested the tool to promote their latest scent.

The ad was an in-feed format, where the creator deboxed the fragrance and made an appeal to users to sign up using an easy form to request a free sample of the fragrance.

The campaign was live for 24 hours TikTok advertisements for 24 hours and delivered outstanding results. It achieved a percentage of conversion of 41.85 per cent with an average CTR of 1.5 per cent and the cost per lead was 83% less than prior lead campaigns that were not on TikTok.



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